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Known Issues

When saving a Movie, only audio objects of the same type will play in the Movies. For example, only use recorded sounds when saving a movie. Or, only use audio from iTunes.

Error Message: Exception: StampPopulator. Run Unknown. This occurs when you launch and quit the program within a short amount of time. The program reads the image files that are in the Clip Art folder looking for new ones that might have been added and it takes some time for that to happen. May be common on slower computer systems.

Windows Vista only, Canvastic will not launch until you allow it to run as "an administrator."
Work-around: Find the actual program inside the Canvastic folder. Right click and choose Properties. Choose the Compatibility tab. Check the "run program as an administrator" checkbox. Choose "Allow" when the system questions you on whether you really want to run the program. Canvastic does not do anything it shouldn't. It just writes some data to a temporary folder when running. Note: some users have reported that after following these directions and then reversing them, it runs just fine without being "an administrator." Let us know your results:

Windows 2000 only, iTunes integration does not work. Work-around: Use the Insert… command to place mp3 audio files.

Some gif graphic files don't display correctly, get inserted correctly or even show up in the Art folder.
Work-around: Use jpeg's, png's instead.

If you copy from the bottom area of a document that is in a portrait format and paste into a document with a landscape format you cannot see the pasted object. It is "below" the edge of the document. A similar problem would occur if you copied from the far right side of a landscape document and pasted into a portrait document. In both cases, Canvastic is placing the pasted object the same number of pixels from the upper left hand corner.
Directly after pasting hold down the arrow key that will move the object into view until it appears.

In Windows only, double clicking a Canvastic document(s) will launch the program but not open the selected file and may give an error message.
Use the Open command from the File menu or drag and drop the document onto the Canvastic application.

Menu items can become "grayed out" or unusable.
Click anywhere on the Canvastic document.

The maximize window button is missing.
Use the size control in the lower right corner of the window to change the window size.

Words that are heavily formatted in Word Processing objects can have a line break at the formatting change rather than at the end of the word.
Adjust the size of the Word Processing object slightly to allow the word to stay on one line.

Large amounts of clip art in the Art folder may affect performance right after launching the program.
Use tools other than the clip art tool for the first minute. Relax.

Windows Only: Canvastic fails to start up correctly and shows a message similar to this:

QuickTime error message

QuickTime has to be installed.See the Requirements page.Download and install from Apple: