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Documentation for version 3.6.0 - Macintosh

Macintosh Version 3.5.0 users click here.

Windows Version 3.5.0 users click here.

Canvastic is the graphics and text publishing software for students and teachers in K-8. It features a clear on-screen display making it easy to use for everyone. It can be customized for users of different ages. It really grows with the user. Canvastic is a real tool for school, not a toy. There are no time wasting features or excessive options.


On-line Manual

Please use the navigation links to the left to learn more about specific features of Canvastic.

Except for minor differences between Macintosh OS X and Windows, Canvastic works the same on both platforms. Where there is a difference, details are provided. Otherwise you should assume the descriptions are universal. Notes on differences are formatted like this sentence.

There are keyboard shortcuts for many of the commands in Canvastic. Look for them in the menu that contains the command.


Read Me First File

Download the Read Me First.pdf here.


Note for new installations of Canvastic:

The scalable interface that can change to customize the application for the user is a defining feature of the program. Please read the Preference Sets sections to take full advantage of this feature. The included preference sets are only examples. Until you decide to change them your users should choose from a list of preferences, Canvastic will start up asking you to choose iMac or MacBook. There are example sets for K through 5th grade in the Other Preferences folder. To find them Choose Canvastic Menu > Preferences > Open > Other... See the Preferences section for more details on using different preference sets.


New Features in Version 3:

Version 3 includes many new features, refinements and fixes. Click here to see a comprehensive list.


New Netbook Ready Version:

Since Canvastic is so easily configured and modified, setting it up for use with netbook computers (smaller screen resolutions) is just a matter of adjusting the preferences. However we went ahead and created a set of preferences for these smaller computers.

Just the Preferences: Click here to download just the preferences.
The Netbook Canvastic 3.5 Archive: Click here to download the entire Canvastic archive with the netbook preferences already installed.


Version 2 Manual:

Still using version 2? You should definitely upgrade but until you do please reference the Documentation.pdf that is inside your Canvastic folder. The version 2 manual is no longer online.


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