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Idea Exchange - Lesson Plans & Examples


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The Canvastic community includes students, teachers, administrators, technology support personnel, artists, writers, publishers, and the Canvastic developers. We want to foster an atmosphere of communication and exhange.

All the members are welcome to join the discussion and announcement lists, contribute ideas and share examples in the Idea Exchange and Newsletters. Everyone is welcome. Please join us!


Idea Exchange - Lesson Plans and Examples

The Idea Exchange is a place to learn and share. Here you will find example lesson plans that are tied to national educational standards. You will also find examples from students and teachers that use Canvastic. Click here to see the Idea Exchange.

There are already over 200 templates included...Do you have templates and ideas for using Canvastic? Send them in and have them become part of the next version. Send an email with your templage to


Canvastic Community Newsletters

The Canvastic Community Newsletter is published as often as possible. All registered users are automatically subscribed. Each issue will contain tips, lesson plans, news and more. You can suggest topics or contribute by sending an email request to

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Some Helpful Links

You'll find some great links to standards, clip art, more lesson plans and more here.



All registered users and those that have downloaded the demonstration version of Canvastic are already on the announcement list. Anyone can join, just send an email request to