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Canvastic for iPad is here!

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It makes publishing activities productive, fun and easy for primary students using the iPad. Canvastic LLC is pleased to announce that our first version of Canvastic for iPad is now available in the iOS App store.

If you know Canvastic on Mac or PC you'll be interested in this. Now, it comes to iPad. Canvastic for iPad is a primary version that is just perfect for our
preK - 3rd grade students to produce graphics with text on any academic subject.

Canvastic holds current images in a gallery but can also save them to the iPad's photo library where they can be printed, emailed, and shared in a variety of ways. See the help page for a full description of the interface.

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If you are considering a volume purchase (more than 30), let us know.. We have a limited number of "redeem" codes you can use in the App Store to try Canvastic for iPad out on your personal iPad before you buy. Purchases of 40 qualify for a free 10 pack of styluses for the iPad.*

Thanks for looking!


*Stylus offer is delivered by Canvastic LLC, not the Apple Appstore. Proof of purchase is required. Allow 6 weeks for delivery. Limited time offer.

Canvastic for iPad Help and Support is Available, Click Here


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